Ashley and I want to welcome you to our North Carolina Hiking Blog, we hope that you find it helpful in locating and learning about great trails, hikes, and adventures in North Carolina. Our family has deep roots in North Carolina and I have vacationed and spent significant time in North Carolina every summer for the last 30 plus years. Ashley and I have done a number of hikes in North Carolina and created this blog to document the North Carolina trails, hikes, and adventures we have done together. Our first blog, Brian & Ashley's Hiking Blog, is focused primarily in Southern California. However, since we both love North Carolina and have spent significant time hiking in North Carolina we wanted to make a blog dedicated to our adventures in North Carolina. If you are looking for hiking trails in Southern California, Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, Hawaii, or Yosemite National Park make sure to check out Brian & Ashley's Hiking Blog.  

What to Expect: North Carolina Hikes is a Site about Hiking in North Carolina featuring detailed trail write-ups, trail maps, and advice on hikes and adventures in North Carolina. The majority of our posts are trail write-ups from our hikes in North Carolina. However, from time to time we will do posts on hiking opportunities, posts on wildlife, book reviews, as well as posts on news that effects hikers in North Carolina. How often should you expect posts on this blog? The site will primarily be updated in the summer months with new hikes and will sporadically be updated throughout the year in association with our travels to North Carolina.

Feel free to drop us an email anytime with questions, if you have a hike you would like to recommend, or if you have products that you would like for use to review (ABhikingblog@gmail.com). If you have a question, we are more than happy to answer it if we can. Hope you enjoy our hiking blog.